101 in 1001

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks/goals/challenges in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria: 
Tasks must be specific (i.e. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined.
Why 1001 Days? 
It’s all about realistic deadlines. 1001 days (about 2.75 years) provides a longer time period, spanning many seasons, to complete tasks.
Start Date:
January 1, 2012
End Date:
September 27, 2014
Goals Complete: 1
Goals in Progress:
Last Updated:
January 8, 2012
Completed items are crossed out.
Partially complete or in-progress items are italicized.

1.     Buy 5 clothing staples— classic pieces that can be worn for years (0/5)
2.     Have someone teach me how to properly apply makeup
3.     Buy one red and one “every day” lipstick (0/2)
4.     Finally learn to French braid hair
5.     Get highlights left over from purple streaks darkened
6.     Find perfect product to put in hair while wet so that I can let it air dry and not have to do anything else to it all day
My surroundings
7.     Go through all jewelry, donate what I don’t wear or like, and organize the rest
8.     Clean and organize crafts table thoroughly
9.     Go through boxes of things saved from school and childhood and get rid of everything I don’t want or need anymore.
10. Clean and rearrange room
11. Organize bookshelf
12. Get car interior professionally cleaned once a year (0/3)

13. Blog at least five times a month (2/5; 0/33)
14. Redesign blog
15. Participate in 3 blogging challenges or activities (0/3)
16. Resurrect non-profit blog
17. Start new project!
18. Set up hard drive
19. Unsubscribe from all pointless email lists

{See also: nos. 69, 70, 73}
20. Write every day for three months— by then it should become habit!
21. Join a writing group or book club
22. Submit to five short story contests (0/5)
23. Actually finish NaNoWriMo
24. Revise thesis and actively attempt to get it published (0/2)
25. Write something non-fiction, like an opinion piece, and submit to a newspaper or magazine
26. Get paid to edit someone else’s work
27. Read a new fiction and non-fiction* book every month (1/33; 1/33)
28. Read five books and watch five movies that I should have read/seen by now (0/5; 0/5)
29. Read five new volumes of poetry (0/5)
30. Read five works in French that I haven’t before (0/5)
31. Learn 10 new Latin phrases (0/10)
32. Take a class and attend a lecture in something new that interests me** (0/2)
33. Improve photography skills
34. Plan, make, and photograph 15 pieces for new project’s blog {see also: no. 17} (0/15)
35. Make quilt out of old elementary/middle/high school and college t-shirts or get rid of them
36. Make/learn/develop five new crafts or crafting techniques (eg sewing) (0/5)
37. Order personalized letterpress stationery
38. Make five handmade gifts for people (1/5)
*Non-fiction books have to include at least three that will help me become more financially literate and at least one book from each of the following categories: history (American, World, Indian), biography, linguistics, biological sciences/medicine, neuroscience, psychology, social science (other), science (other), business, spirituality/religion, social activism, speeches. I don’t read nearly enough non-fiction, especially compared to the number of novels I finish, and I hope this will help me become a little more well-rounded!
**This goal is subject to change.

39. Learn to cook five new, healthy dishes (0/5)
40. Join a gym {01/09/12— done and signed up for a “wellness coach”}
41. Develop a regular workout schedule and keep it up for three months
42. Run a 5K
43. Try three new classes at the gym (0/3)
44. Do yoga every day for a month (0/30)
45. Find and go to new doctor
46. Make lists of diseases that run in family history and what to eat/how to exercise properly to prevent them
47. Run or walk outside for 30 minutes at least four times a month (0/4; 0/33)
48. Pick daily vitamins best for my diet/routine instead of just stealing my mother’s.

49. Go through wardrobe and donate all clothes I don’t wear more than four times a year (excluding Indian and formal dresses)
50. Donate Indian clothes to Raksha
51. Donate boxes of books in garage
52. Convince 3 new people to make Kiva loans (0/3)
53. Renew domain
54. Start the process to build the school in B’s name and notify donors (0/2)
55. Volunteer once a month (0/33)
56. Donate time at five new places (0/5)
57. Donate goods or money to ten worthy organizations (0/10)
58. Establish yearly donation to one charity and give every February (0/3)
59. Buy tickets and attend charity event with which I am not affiliated
60. Host formal charity dinner or party!
61. Plan and execute canned food drive every November (0/2)
62. Contact three organizations I believe in and offer my time/services (0/3)
63.  63-68 are goals for my non-profit organization {see also: no. 16} (0/6)

69. Pay bill anonymously for someone at a restaurant
70. Send five care packages (not for any special occasion) (1/5)
71. Send handwritten letter or card every month (1/33)
72. Somehow celebrate five “unusual” holidays (0/5)
73. Give baked goods or meals to five people who need cheering up (0/5)
74. Make and mail holiday cards every year (0/2)
75. Throw themed dinner party
76. Throw a surprise party
77. Stealth-plant flowers! (I love this idea, which I shamelessly stole from Emily)
78. Put fresh flowers on desk every month once item 10 is complete (0/?)
79. Visit or go on trips with three friends out of state (0/3)
80. Get back in touch with three people with whom I used to be close (0/3)

81. Go to a minor-league baseball game and opening day at Turner Field (0/2)
82. Explore the Atlanta area by trying at going somewhere or doing something new approximately every other month (1/17)
83. Pick fresh fruit at a farm and go to 3 new farmers markets (1/4)
84. Eat a prix-fixe, multi-course meal
85. Try caviar and four other dishes/foods I’ve never had before (2/5)
86. Flavor trip with miracle fruit
87. Go to a North Georgia vineyard
88. Go on India/Europe trip and travel to another South Asian country from India. (Include Ayodhya! + Goa and a South India temple tour if possible)
89. Start graduate school
90. Learn how to ride a bicycle -or- go on a roller coaster for the first time
91. Attend a cooking class of some sort
92. Explore three new cities within driving distance of home (0/3)

Family, Culture, and Religion
{see also: nos. 24, 87}
93. Add all extended family birthdays to calendar
94. Sit with grandparents and write down complete family history
95. Finish family tree
96. Learn to put on a sari without help from anybody else
97. Cook five new Indian dishes by myself (0/5)
98. Learn the pronunciation, definition, and Devanagari spelling of 10 Hindi words a month (0/33)
99. Go to mandir every other month and volunteer to make prasad one of the months (0/17; 0/1)
100. Participate in Holi celebration
101. Reread Bhagavad Gita


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